Shift Lead

The Witron shift leads and their teams are responsible for an efficient and problem-free production. The shift lead will organize and resource the work of their team, which consists of technicians and technical operators. An important part of a shift lead’s work is overseeing and escalating any automated system errors and faults.

The shift lead is responsible for the daily production targets to be met. The shift lead monitors the system operation and analyses production data and key figures. In addition, the shift lead will take part in production meetings and relaying information within the team.

At Witron, the shift lead is responsible for the technician team following workplace safety procedures, instructions and internal Witron principles. In everyday work, they are responsible for human resource management, shift planning, training and supporting development. In the long term, the work of the shift lead will include work procedure development and optimization.

The shift leads will work in three shifts according to the rotation of the technician shifts.

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